Gasworks Arts park
Melbourne, Australia


13 August – 1 September 2019.

Angela Robarts-Bird Gallery,

Gasworks Arts Park, Albert Park, Melbourne.

Air and water feature in my latest series, sourcing photographs of Port Philip Bay and expressing my reflections on our relationship with nature.

My unique methods include applying indigo dye to create distorted patterns across linen panels. Resulting tones evoke familiar blue jeans that express both our individuality and similarities. Over the linen I brush oil-painted symbols that further express our relationship with nature.

Everything I do is about the balance where insight can shine a spotlight on the dance of this wonderful world. I believe in the pivotal power of art to inspire and transform, and the power of ingenuity to benefit a sustainable planet.

I make art that moves the heart and calms the mind, stirring imagination and encouraging new conversations.

© Lynn Taylor, Studio Taylor, 2019