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Helping professionals zone into a place where ideas flow, with paintings that calm the mind and refresh the conversation... 

from an artist's experience of the creative process.

  • ​Do you think more creatively in an expansive workspace?

  • Can you think more deeply when looking into the distance?

  • Do you find solutions while moving in or alongside water?

I believe in the pivotal power of art to inspire and transform.

​You know your workspace will have an expansive atmosphere just by installing paintings that express deep space. 

You know how relaxing the ocean feels and how harmonious paintings about air and water support creative thinking.

You know how blue jeans convey comfort and individuality...

Indigo blue has been in style for 5,000 years, yet still we thrive on innovation. I prepare my canvases with natural indigo dye and other sustainable materials. My studio is in Byron Bay, Australia, where Whales and dolphins visibly swim past the shore.

Of the latest series: 'Indigo Brew'

6 paintings 90 x 120cm. are available @AUD$1,595 (+ shipping)

4 paintings (90 x 70cm) are available @AUD$720. (+ shipping).


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