Helping professionals tune into a place where ideas flow, with paintings that calm the mind and refresh the conversation. 

From an artist's experience of the creative process:

  • ​Do you think more creatively in an expansive workspace?

  • Can you think more deeply when looking into the distance?

  • Do you find solutions while moving alongside water?

I believe in the pivotal power of art to inspire and transform.

​You know a workspace can 'expand' by installing paintings that express deep space, and you know how the relaxing feeling of the ocean supports creative thinking.

Indigo dye has been in style for 5,000 years and we know its tones from ubiquitous blue jeans. I use it to symbolise our human potential to create positive innovations that balance our environment. I prepare my canvases with natural indigo dye and other organic sustainable materials.
My studio is in Byron Bay (Australia), famous for Whale-watching.

In response to Covid restrictions I have made a surreal series called 'Pink Swan Event'. Ten images celebrate reduced pollution resulting from lockdown, with swans tickled pink by surfing the waves at empty beaches. 

10 watercolours 25 x 35cm. Available @AU$120 (free shipping)

Of the last series: 'Indigo Brew':

6 paintings 90 x 120cm. are available @AU$1,595 (+ shipping)

4 paintings (90 x 70cm) are available @AU$720. (+ shipping).


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Contact: Lynn Taylor M.A.


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